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Behind the Design: Verso Lighting Range

26 August 2021

We caught up with our founder, Tom, to find out more about our new Verso Lighting Range and discover where he drew inspiration for the sculptural designs…
Tom Raffield Verso Lighting Range

Celebrating sculptural beauty, the asymmetrical Verso Lighting collection is a welcome addition to our handcrafted, artisan lighting range. We sat down with Tom to find out more about the inspiration behind the new lighting aesthetic and its design journey.

Tom Raffield Verso Pendant Mix
An ornate marriage of balance and light, the Verso Range is an asymmetrical wooden work of art that welcomes a fresh perspective.

What makes the Verso Lighting Collection unique?

TR: “Whilst most of our lighting collections are symmetrical in form and the way they represent nature, our Verso Range showcases the unexpected paths and motions nature takes. Each Verso design looks different from every angle, which I think truly reflects just how magnificent our surroundings are. 

Although the Verso Range takes a different outlook on nature, I still wanted it to feel very familiar and comforting to enable it to have synergy with our other wooden ranges. Solace can be found in the forms we discover in our natural surroundings, and the Verso collection reflects these organic shapes exquisitely”.

Tom Raffield Verso Floor Light
Radiating a helpful task light across spaces, the Verso Floor Light is a welcome addition to any interior that is calling out for some tranquil illumination.
Tom Raffield Verso floor light
The unique pattern on the lengths of timber used to create the Verso Range is beautifully illuminated to create a textured focal point.

Which rooms can you see the Verso suiting? Did you have any spaces in mind when designing the Verso?

TR: “I wanted the Verso Range to be a versatile collection that can bring a feeling of relaxation to any space. Whether you seek to create a layered, dynamic cluster of Small Vero Pendants or you want a bold focal point with the Verso Floor Light, I think the Verso Range enhances the feeling comfort in any room.

I can see the Verso Pendant suiting a bedroom or living space, creating the perfect relaxing, cosy atmosphere – whilst still providing unique shadows and light. However, the Verso Range is extremely adaptable, I envision Verso suiting a wide range of spaces and interior styles”.

Is there a set process you follow when coming up with a new design or product range?

TR: "When I feel inspired, I sketch out multiple design concepts and then decide how best to convey my idea using different mediums. Sometimes I use wooden offcuts from existing lighting designs, sometimes different materials like metal – I will always being with recycling materials, my workshop is filled with a collection of product components and an assortment of bent wood sections that I experiment with and repurpose when coming up with new design concepts.

My talented team then draw up the most favoured design on a computer software programme, where we continue to make more tweaks until we reach a sustainably engineered structure and desirable aesthetic. Next follows several rounds of samples, where we test our sustainably sourced wood trio (ash, oak and walnut) against the design and see how successful each design is to actually make.

This is where we figure out whether the design works or needs to go back into further development. Sometimes we have to go back to the drawing board a few times, but sometimes the design just works! It is different each time and can sometimes be a lengthy process because every element is very considered, but it’s really rewarding and great fun.”

Tom Raffield Grand Designs home garden
Inspired by the unexpected paths nature can take, the Verso Range showcases the gravity defying motion of falling leaves in the wind.

How did you name the Verso Lighting Range?

TR: “Verso is the Latin word to spin or twirl, which felt like a natural fit for the range as we wanted the name to reflect the range’s playful spirit. Verso is representative of the free-flowing paths of leaves rolling through an Autumn breeze.”

Tom Raffield Verso Pendant small
One piece of timber endlessly soars around the warm glow of an exposed bulb to cast a beautiful blend of light and shadow across interiors.
Image 2 alt text goes here
Alluring shadows are displayed as warm light fills the space - creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Which Verso product is your favourite?

TR: “This is a very hard decision; I can’t possibly choose just one! I think the Verso Pendant Large adds a charismatic focal point to a room, whilst giving out a warm illumination across the whole interior. It’s a great way to add depth to your space, the shadows the lightshade produces are noticeable yet subtle, they won't overwhelm a space or compete for attention. 

The Verso Floor Light is also a firm favourite of mine, the height of the lampshade is perfect for appreciating the grain found in our sustainably sourced wood and the attention to detail in the design. I love how changing the position of the floor light completely transforms the space, providing new forms that display amazing light and shadows from each angle.”

Posted: 26.08.21

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