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Behind the Design: the Tressa Planter

23 May 2019

Solid oak, sculpted by steam. Behind the design of our RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year Award finalist - the bespoke Tressa Planter.

The Tressa Planter - layers of sleek steam bent timber surround four sunken beds with a coastal planting scheme inspired by the Helford River in Cornwall.

We are pleased to announce that our brand new Tressa Planter is one of the RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year finalists. We take a look at the inspiration behind the design of our innovative bespoke Tressa Planter, which launched this week at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019.

In this illustration of our stand at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019, three Tressa Planters are visible near the centre of the stand.

RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year

RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year returns to this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Rewarding innovative design, outstanding quality and environmental sustainability, the award recognises the best new garden products on the market.

This year, our Tressa Planter is joined on the shortlist by renowned companies such as Made With Husk, Ooni and Hotbin. Products range from antique oak tables and outdoor pizza ovens to biodegradable watering cans and bespoke compost bins.

On the judging panel this year is Deborah Meaden of BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Chris Harrop, Group Marketing Director & Director of Sustainability at Marshalls and Peter Seabrook, Gardening Correspondent for The Sun.

It takes team work to make our bespoke, handcrafted Tressa Planter.
Our Tressa Planter is made up of sustainably sourced oak, steam bent multiple times to create our organic curved aesthetic.

What is the Tressa Planter?

Revolutionising the current market for outdoor planters, the Tressa Planter combines our traditional steam bending technique with complex parametric modelling for the very first time.

The organic 3D form, handcrafted from sustainably sourced solid oak, has been designed as a functional piece of art for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our Tressa Planter is designed using CAD software for maximum accuracy. Measurements need to be exact to execute the multiple, intricate bends of the planters oak layers.

The inspiration behind the design

A triumph of steam bending, our brand new Tressa Planter is a celebration of biophilic design. 

Inspired by undulating natural forms, and promoting the synergy between nature and well-being, the Tressa Planter features four rounded, sunken beds which allow for a variety of aromatic, medicinal and edible planting to be curated.

The technique used for our brand new Tressa Planter, launching at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show, was developed whilst creating the beautiful curved surface for eight coffee kiosks in London's Royal Parks. 

Bespoke customisation

Our Tressa Planter has been innovatively designed to allow complete customisation, meaning the structure's height and size can be adapted to meet bespoke, specified needs. 

Developed whilst working on a large-scale installation with London’s Royal Parks and in collaboration with Colicci and Mizzi Studio, Tom Raffield’s ground-breaking new process produces complex 3D bends never been seen before in the design community. The outcome is a pioneering, unique product which showcases the age-old traditional process of steam bending yet embraces 21st Century technology and skill.

“Our new process has opened a new world of possibilities for creating complex curves on a large scale and the ability to offer a more bespoke service to our clients. The new planters are an example of our flexible approach to design – allowing us to produce designs for different heights, surfaces and structures, all to bespoke measurements".

Founder, Tom Raffield
Our Tressa Planter is designed to allow complete customisation, thanks to our ground-breaking new design process.

How is it used?

The Tressa Planter is designed to bring nature into urban areas, but can be used in any garden or indoor setting. The four rounded beds, sunk into the planter itself, can be planted with herbs, succulents, flowering plants or anything else that you want to introduce to your space.

The ground-breaking new design promotes a flexible approach to gardening by bringing green space to urban settings and creating accessible, horticultural environments for everyone to enjoy.

Our Tressa Planter, pictured here at our Chelsea Flower Show stand, has four rounded, sunken beds in which to plant, allowing you to create a spectacular display of greenery indoors or outdoors.
Our Tressa Planter, like our Green Range, is designed to bring the outside in and celebrate the beauty of nature.

Our bespoke steam bent planters and screens debuting at Chelsea Flower Show 2019 are available to specify through our recommended garden designers. To order, please contact them directly.

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