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Behind the Design: Nokori Mirror Range

9 March 2023

We caught up with tom and our talented design team to learn more about the inspiration behind our new steam bent mirror range...
tom raffield nokori mirror

Breathing contemporary softness into any space, the circular Nokori Mirror Range unites clean curves and sustainably sourced wood to create a sense of balance. Let’s find out more about its conception and design journey…

What inspired the Nokori Mirror Range?

DT: “We were inspired by the positivity that follows the sun. There is no better feeling than walking into a room that is swathed in warm sunshine, so we wanted to encapsulate this feeling with a design that could aid creating this atmosphere. The Nokori Mirror Range defines how one simple home accessory can completely transform your home, and your mood”.

tom raffield nokori mirror range
Create your own wall of artistic impact with the three varying sizes on the Nokori Mirror Range. 

Why are mirrors so important in a home?

DT: “Mirrors are a secret weapon when it comes to interior styling. They provide both practicality and beauty by expanding the natural light and reflecting the space's style. The right mirror can take the pressure off your lighting designs, allowing you to balance illumination throughout. Mirrors are also a great way to tie your home décor together by providing a focal point within your space as they will often draw eyes up and across your interior. They can do it all!”


Which rooms of the home do you feel the products best lend themselves to? Did you have this in mind when designing the range?

DT: “The great thing about the Nokori Mirror Range is that they effortlessly suit all around the home - whether you use them for last minute outfit checks, or utilise them as light maximisers. The Nokori’s slim profile makes it perfect for compact hallways, or above sofas in living rooms, whilst the frameless, minimalist design fits beautifully in Japandi bathrooms and boho bedrooms. The varying sizes in the range allow you to tailor the impact to perfectly suit your home. So, to answer the question, we can see them suiting everywhere!”

nokori mirror
Sitting pretty in it's steam bent base, the Nokori Mirror Range's upbeat design will cheer up any space. 
nokori mirror
A marriage of two materials. The Nokori Mirror Range uses sustainably sourced oak to cradle the rounded mirror. 

Is there a set process you follow when coming up with a new design or product range?

DT: “What makes the Tom Raffield design team so strong are the range of process and techniques we all find strength in. With some designs finding inspiration from a physical form, and some in a moment we seek to capture, it is vital we perfect our design journey to allow for a every idea to blossom equally. 

We will sketch out many designs, deciding how we can best convey the feeling of positivity and warmth we want to create. The talented team then draw up the most favoured design on a computer software programme, where we continue to make more tweaks until we reach a sustainably engineered structure and desirable aesthetic. Next follows several rounds of samples, where we test our sustainably sourced woods against the design and see how successful each design is to actually make. This is where we either go back to the drawing board or continue on to create the timeless designs we are so proud of”.

How did you name the Nokori Range?

DT: “Nokori is the Japanese word for “rest” which we felt extremely fitting for this design. Not only does the frameless mirror rest within it’s steam bent oak base, the Nokori Mirror Range creates a restful interior which encourages a moment of pause”.

tom raffield nokori mirror
Brighten up gloomy hallways with a carefully curated display of Nokori Mirrors. 

Posted: 09.03.23

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