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Behind the Design: Kanna Lighting Range

15 July 2022

Catch up with Tom and our talented design team to discover the inspiration behind our drum lighting range…
tom raffield new kanna pendant

A timeless silhouette with a Tom Raffield twist. Our newest lighting design showcases the understated beauty of drum lighting and shines a spotlight on sustainably sourced materials. Read on to discover the new Kanna Lighting Range's design journey…

tom raffield new kanna drum pendant

What inspired the Kanna Drum Pendant?

DT: “We wanted to showcase the simple, understated wonder of the sustainably sourced materials that we so proudly use, and the individuality of every piece of wood we use in our craft. Nature provides us with such varied, beautiful results, whether it be a myriad of wooden hues, or a particularly striking grain. Each piece of sustainable timber is so unique, wood always creates unpredictable yet magnificent results once it’s been manipulated. We wanted to put the natural grain centre stage, allowing the organic form to shine”.

new kanna drum pendant
Accentuate your favourite spaces or décor pieces with the Kanna Drum Pendant's downlighting. 
new kanna - tilow wall light
Suspended at the perfect height, the Kanna - Tilow Wall Light is well suited to illuminating tricky corners.

Why is drum lighting important in a home?

DT: “Drum lighting is underrated in many spaces, yet it can be so powerful. It can flood your space with warm illumination, whilst the minimal design makes a bold addition to your interior. Drum lighting can be the base for your task lighting or can be used to direct focus across your home. It suits any style of interiors, from minimalist living spaces to maximalist bedrooms, classic drum lighting will always be welcome”.

What rooms can you see the Kanna Lighting Range suiting?

DT: “Drum lighting makes for a well-considered purchase, mostly down to its versatility and the Kanna Range is proof of this. The Kanna can welcome you in with a warm spotlight when suspended in your entrance way, provide task lighting for home cooking in kitchen spaces, or illuminate dining spaces with ease. The Kanna Drum Lighting Range lets your interior shine with natures beauty”.

tom raffield kanna pendant
Every design is handcrafted in our Cornish workshop to create a truly unique piece for your home.

Can you walk us through the design journey of the Kanna Lighting Range?

DT: “Once we found the inspiration to really emphasise natural wooden patterns, the creativity started flowing, and we started to sketch. The design team and I outline each and every idea before working out which will be best to progress to our prototyping stage. After plenty of trailing, tweaking, and adapting, we end up with our strongest design, ensuring we have the ability to craft the design in a selection of our classic, sustainably sourced woods. For the Kanna in particularly, we trialled pairing the pendant with a range of different lumen output bulbs to ensure our vision came to life and the focal wooden grain would be boldly illuminated wherever suspended. We like to offer our customers tried and tested recommendations – the right bulb to accompany a pendant light is an important decision as it can really impact the overall final aesthetic."

tom raffield kanna pendant

How did you name the Kanna Drum Pendant?

DT: “The name had to represent the graceful strength of the Kanna. As a team, we are heavily inspired by Japanese crafting styles and tools, which is why the light named after the Kanna hand plane - a Japanese wood working tool. When pulled across wood, the Kanna Plane shaves off precise, delicate curled shavings of wood, allowing the craftsperson to achieve beautiful results. This instantly felt like the right fit for our Kanna Lighting Range”.

Posted: 15.07.22
Updated: 04.07.23

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