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Behind the Design: Enka Pendant

10 February 2023

We've caught up with founder and designer, Tom Raffield, to learn more about the inspiration behind our handcrafted pendant...
tom raffield enka pendant

Venturing into new materials for our handcrafted lighting designs, our Enka Pendant marries ceramics and steam bent wood to create a harmonious pendant…

“The Enka Pendant marries understated simplicity with intriguing texture to create a truly unique design that will create a statement in any space”.

– Tom Raffield, founder and designer.
tom raffield enka pendant
Creating impact through pared back design, the Enka Pendant is well suited to scandi-inspired, minimalist spaces.

The Enka has a different aesthetic to your other lights – tell us about what inspired the collection?

DT: “It’s no secret we love how sustainably sourced wood and ceramics work together – the Green Range is proof of this! The neutral colour palette and crisp lines of the iconic partnership is something we have always wanted to introduce to our lighting range, so we knew this would be our starting point.

The pendant itself has drawn inspiration from the simplicity found in the scandi interior style that we align ourselves with. Simple but impactful. Minimalist yet fun. We think this style of minimalism doesn’t encourage a lack of homeware, but inspires us to ensure every piece is considered, sustainable and beautiful”.

tom raffield enka pendant
Using a custom jig, the crafter is able to mark the exact centre for the ceramic shade – ensuring a perfectly balanced design.
tom raffield enka pendant
A steam bent halo of sustainably sourced wood frames the unique lighting design.

Is there a set process you follow when coming up with a new design or product range?

DT: “To design sustainably is at the heart of every design so this is, and will always be, where we begin with our design process. How can we use what we already have? We considered the beautiful ceramics we already use for our Green Range and how we can use this in our newest lighting range.

The Enka journey was sketched, prototyped and rigorously trailed to ensure a design that works aesthetically, and functionally. Ceramic lights are new territory for us so we wanted to make sure we create a design that would stand the test of time! Once we found the perfect pot to suit, the Enka Pendant was born…”

Which rooms of the home do you feel the products best lend themselves to? Did you have this in mind when designing the range?

DT: “The timelessness of the Enka lends itself to a myriad of spaces. We certainly didn’t have any particular space in mind when designing the Enka, however the warm downlighting lends itself nicely to soothing bedroom spaces and self-care sanctuaries. Equally the Enka would look striking when hung in clusters above a dining table or kitchen island"

How did you name the Enka Pendant?

DT: “Enka” is based off the Swedish word for ‘simple’. We often think the word simple is misunderstood – minimalist design is eternal and beautiful! Uncomplicated designs are often striking pieces that will hold their own within homes for decades to come, so to us “simple” is no bad thing.

Posted: 10.02.23
Updated: 10.02.23

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