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Winter Ready Greenery

7 October 2022

(Almost) un-killable houseplants that flourish throughout the colder months…
tom raffield living room scene

There is no better feeling than basking in your homegrown forest and reaping the many benefits of adding greenery to your interior. The winter is a great time for a plant shuffle to ensure they are getting as much light exposure as they can, giving you the opportunity to add new, winter hardy greenery! We have collated some of our (practically) unkillable plants that will bring life to your home over the coming seasons…

tom raffield mawnan planter
Overflowing with greenery, the Mawnan Planter can be suspended from above or placed tabletop to ensure the best conditions for your plant.

Spider Plant

Rewarding and robust – the Spider Plant is the plant that keeps on giving. A gentle water when the soil gets dry (usually around every 10 days in the winter) and your spider plant will continue to thrive. Spider Plants are happy when placed in indirect sunlight, making it the perfect plant for wintertime. A happy spider plant will sprout babies which can be gifted to loved ones or placed around your home for extra layers of lush greenery.

tom raffield mawnan planter
Small space solutions. The Mawnan Planter is perfect for compact interiors that are calling out for extra layers of greenery.

Succulents & Cacti

An unsurprising addition to the list – Cacti are known for their hardiness. With an ability to store water and nutrients, succulents and cactus plants are content untouched for some time. These pretty plants love to bask in whatever sunshine the winter offers, so cluster them together on a windowsill to keep them thriving. Happy to be forgotten about you may only need to water your drought tolerant plants once.

tom raffield merryn planter
Put your striking, year-round, splendours centre stage with the Merryn Planter Short.
tom raffield merryn planter
Aloe Vera is a great succulent for bright bathrooms or kitchens as they offer a remedy for cuts and burns. If given enough light in the winter your Aloe may also flower. 
tom raffield mawnan planter
The Mawnan Planter’s natural colour palette allows it to seamlessly suit any space.


Pothos plants are incredibly durable, making them easy to care for, making them perfect for colder seasons. With a shallow root system, less is more when it comes to watering your Pothos – you could even consider repotting before the winter begins to set them up for a rapid growth in the spring. Coming in various, stunning variations, Pothos plants will add lush, verdant, greenery to your home when placed in a bright room.

tom raffield maya wall planter
Adding depth to your indoor jungle, the Maya Wall Planter can be placed at the perfect height to allow your trailing plant to become a conversation starter.

Jade Plant

A small but beautiful plant, the Jade Plant thrives with each passing season. Tolerating room temperatures year-round, the Jade Plant is happy with little water and indirect sunlight. The leaves retain a lot of water, so you only need to water this enduring plant when the soil is completely dry. If any leaves fall off, you can simply lay them on top of the soil, and they will take root!

tom raffield maen pot
The thoughtfully placed leather handles on the Maen Pot allow it to be moved around your space to follow the suns path.
tom raffield maen pot trio
Homing three of your favourite houseplants alongside each other, the Maen Pot Trio allows you to add varying form to your indoor garden.

Winter Plant Tips

Adjust your watering routine. Overwatering is the number one cause of winter houseplant death. With the winter air being dryer and colder, your plants growth rate will slow down and therefore, will need less water to keep them quenched. Keep in mind the type of plants you are growing and adjust your routine accordingly.

Alter humidity. Often the biggest hurdle to overcome in the winter months will be the drop in humidity levels. One quick and easy way to maintain happy humidity levels is to group your plants together so they can benefit off each other’s transpiring leaves. Another tip is to place your plants on or near a tray of water, not letting the plants sit directly in the water – this will increase humidity without welcoming root rot. A good way to make sure the plants don’t sit in the water is to add some pebbles or rocks to the tray.

Be on pest patrol. A nice cosy home invites a host of plant pests that enjoy warm, dry conditions. When you are watering your plants, check the underside of your leaves and steams. If you locate any pests, wipe them off with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

tom raffield green range

The Green Range

Spruce up your space with a timeless and versatile handcrafted planter.

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