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Transform your bedroom into a jungle

29 September 2022

Our guide to creating a beautiful botanical bedroom 
tom raffield green range

Immersing yourself in nature is a well-trodden path to calm. So it goes without saying that a thriving indoor garden is a great way to cheer up your space, purify your air and keep your green fingers busy. Being the first and last room you see each day, your bedroom should be an oasis which kickstarts your mornings with positive energy and abolishes any stress come evening. Read on to discover how to begin your bedroom transformation…


Evaluate your space

tom raffield green range
Our Green Range offers a wide variety of planters to ensure your thriving greenery finds its perfect home to suit your space's light levels.

Whilst it can be tempting to head straight to your local garden centre and buy a plethora of plants, it’s always best to take a minute to work up a plan for your urban jungle. Consider how much sunlight reaches each part of your space, and for how many hours during the day. Using this analysis, you can choose plants that suit the light levels you have, meaning they’ll be more likely to thrive (and not just survive).

Ensure you choose plants you will be able to keep up with – some are fussier than others are require more maintenance and watering – as withering plants won’t create a jungle oasis aesthetic.

A new dimension

tom raffield morvah planter wall
A group of Morvah Hanging Planters hung window-side create a mesmerising display. 
tomraffield green range
Following a natural colour palette, our Green Range handcrafted planters put your homegrown jungle centre stage. 

From trailing plants to statement succulents, plants come in a multitude of shapes and sizes which will ensure your space comes alive. Large, open plan bedrooms allow you to home a sculptural feature of greenery with pots and plants of varying sizes. Compact, smaller bedrooms allow you to think about plant placement in an innovative way - consider trailing plants tumbling down dressers and bedside tables to create a thriving look.

tom raffield green range
The Tor Twist Shelf adds wonderful depth to your indoor jungle by allowing planters to be suspended or placed on it's hook/shelf hybrid design. 

Adding shelves and small-scale tables not only gives you more area to display your houseplants, but adds depth to your jungle without taking up a lot of space. A compact shelf can also be used as a propagation station to keep your forest growing!

tom raffield harlyn mirror
The Harlyn Mirror's sculptural design allows it to sit seamlessly in spaces that celebrate organic form.

Mirrors are also a great way to add dimension to your plant-filled oasis. A well placed mirror will reflect natural light across your interior to help your plants grow whilst making your urban jungle seem larger and leafier.

Lots of love

Caring for plants can be a tricky task, especially if you’re homing a variety of species. Each plant will need varying water levels depending on its type, light levels, and the season. Room temperature water is best when quenching your thirsty plants as it won’t shock the roots – bonus points if it’s collected rainwater.

tom raffield mantol planter
Misting your plants is an effective tool for avoiding over watering whilst keeping the air humidity levels high.
tom raffield plant care
Wipe your plants' leaves to help cleanse their pores so they don't become clogged by dust or succumb to pests. 

Bedrooms are the most important space for us to feel a sense of solace and relaxation, so it’s important to chose wisely when it comes to adding greenery. Here are some of our teams' favourite recommendations to get your bedroom jungle started…

Jasmine and Lavender release a sweet, calming scent which is linked to reducing anxiety levels and improved sleepy quality.

Snake Plants and Peace Lilies are natural air purifiers, releasing oxygen at night rather than throughout the day – meaning you get a better night’s sleep. They also remove harmful chemicals from the air, including one commonly found in hairspray!

Posted: 29.09.22

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