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Spring Interiors

2 March 2018

Bring your home out of hibernation after the winter months and revitalise your space for spring with a few tips on nailing this year’s popular seasonal trends.
Tom Raffield Spring Collection
Tom Raffield Crib Bench, Cape Pendant in Ash, Gwelsen Screen and Beeble Pouffe in Yellow.

Spring has sprung... or is about to. There’s certainly still a chill in the air but the welcome reappearance of some sunshine has been getting us excited for the lighter, warmer days ahead.

With this season's key interior looks celebrating an eclectic mix of trends ranging from brooding dark-toned feature walls to woven, organic accessories there's more than just finer weather to look forward to over the next few months.

 Moody tones

All interior trends set for the year ahead indicate that dark tones will reign supreme.

 urchin pendant
Urchin Pendant (and Harlyn mirror) by @leahboleto
Secret Linen Store featuring the Scots pendant
@secretlinenstore photo shoot featuring the Scots Pendant Large in Oak

Although this 'dark trend' has been bubbling on the back burner for the last year or so, this season there’s set to be a huge resurgence of moody interior tones such as greys, plums, brooding navies and forest greens - all key colours that we lust after.

If painting a whole room in one of these daring shades seems overwhelming, then simply recreate the modern luxe vibe at home and opt to paint a single feature wall or item of furniture instead. We particularly love the juxtaposition of stormy grey backdrops styled against our ash wood lighting collection (see Urchin Pendant above) to amplify and create contrast.

Kitchen shelf in Tom and Danielle's Grand Designs home.

Wheal Wall Light – photo credits @lifeat107

Shop the looks: Urchin Pendant, Harlyn Mirror, Scots Pendant Large and Wheal Wall Light.

Artisan Textures

Artisanal products with sustainable, handmade elements showcasing the skill of their makers are set to be a huge trend. Think sleek, minimal designs that are multi-functional as well as aesthetically alluring.
Urchin pendants
Urchin Pendants at Gaia Spa.

The key here is to incorporate lots of natural textures in a range of subtle shades to bring a tranquil, yet uplifting timeworn feel to any room. Dotting easy accessories such as woven rugs, wall hangings, sheepskin throws, woollen blankets and wicker baskets about the home is a fuss free way to celebrate this organic, vogue trend. 

If you are looking to add interior pieces with a little more functionality then investing in unique, handcrafted furniture is the way to go. Practical yet stylish artisan pieces (we're thinking stools, chairs and pouffes) will add a feeling of uncomplicated beauty to any space whilst simultaneously embracing this minimalist, Scandinavian driven trend. 

rustic woven textures
Arbor Armchair in Grey alongside other rustic woven home accessories - photo credits: Alicia Waite for Hamilton and Hare.
Steam bent wooden chair with sheepskin rug
Bespoke Tom Raffield steam bent wooden chair with cosy sheepskin rug - photo credits: Alicia Waite


Shop the look: Tom Raffield Urchin Pendant in Ash, Arbor Armchair in Grey and Beeble Pouffe in Grey.

Colour pops

We are feeling braver than ever before with our colour choices this season and embracing bold, zingy shades that lift the mood and celebrate all things spring-like.

Yellow walls and Urchin pendant
Urchin Pendant in Oak - photo credits: @andrewjonathandesign 

Whilst there’s a lot to be said in opting for a crisp, pared-back colour palette, adding vibrant pops of colour to your space is a great way to refresh a room without undergoing drastic redecoration.

Consider mustard yellow, teal blues and blush pinks to introduce a contemporary edge and embrace seasonal trends. When used sparingly, bright accents will add distinctive character and modernise a space without becoming overbearing.

When introducing colour it's important to opt for shades you feel naturally drawn to, instead of colours that are purely trend driven. Invest in statement, block colour shades you are sure to still favour in years to come as opposed to just the here and now.

Pops of yellow in the Grand designs Home
Zingy yellow tones welcome spring to the Grand Designs home

Our Upholstered Crib Bench in Yellow (photographed above) in Tom and Danielle’s Grand Designs home, adds brightness and contrast to any space without overdoing the colour pop trend.

Shop the look: Tom Raffield Urchin Pendant, Upholstered Crib Bench in Yellow, Harlyn Mirror and Scots Pendant.

Get greenfingers

With the biophilic trend growing at fast pace, the humble houseplant has been revived from it's 70's abyss and is here to stay.

Skipper Pendant in Walnut styled by @emma.merry.styling

Cape Pendant in Oak - photo credits: @thetottenhamdiaries

There's no doubt that botanical prints have been splashed everywhere as of late - we've seen everything from the palm-leaf print cushion right up to the traditional motif themed floral wallpaper. The great news is... this is a trend that's here to stay for a long time; botanicals continue to be at the top of the hit list for freshening up a range of interior spaces. 

Whether its a jungle fern, cacti, succulent or even the old-time classic - a bunch of fresh flowers, bringing a little bit of the outdoors in can really help to breathe life into any interior space.

Opt for trailing planters, floor standing pots or curate a space for a family of succulents or cacti on a console table or coffee table to brighten the darker corners of any room. Filling your home with greenery has proven increased health benefits and evokes the sort-after spring-fresh feeling everyone longs for after the dark winter months.

Shop the look: Tom Raffield Skipper Pendant in Walnut and Cape Pendant in Oak.

Posted: 02.03.18
Updated: 16.04.21

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