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Rooted in Sustainability

10 November 2023

Curving, sustainable designs that create an impact in your home, not on the planet…

tom raffield sustainable wood workshop

When it comes to enhancing our homes, we encourage designs that not only captivate interiors, but also resonate with our commitment to sustainable design. We have a deep connection and appreciation for the timeless elegance of ash, oak, and walnut, and how they play a pivotal role in our journey to craft designs that stand the test of time, both in durability and aesthetics. By embracing the unique characteristics of each wood and employing low-waste crafting methods, we create statement designs that not only captivate your senses but also contribute to the well-being of our planet. Let’s find out more about our favourite trio of woods…


The Beauty of Ash

Ash wood is one of the toughest hardwoods available, its shock absorbing and strong, whilst also being supple and versatile, which is why it is perfect for steam bending and can be found across our wooden lighting, homeware, and furniture collections. From embracing moonlight magic in the contemporary Loer Lighting Range, to boasting effortless strength in the Hylo Coffee Table, ash wood continuously shines with sustainable beauty.

loer chandelier small
Calm your space with the ethereal Loer Chandelier Small's endless glow.
hylo table
From impromptu games nights, to morning coffee breaks, the Hylo Coffee Table welcomes daily life. 

Ash trees disperse their seeds in the form of winged samaras, commonly referred to as "ash keys". Under suitable conditions, these seeds can readily germinate and take root, all without the need for human intervention. The appearance of ash wood differs from one tree to the next, with huge variation between the grain, colour, and tone of each piece of wood. The wood can appear pinker or more yellow and can have delicate or distinctive grains. This makes each design we create using this wood completely unique, celebrating its naturally distinctive beauty.

housel shelf
Your storage sidekick. The Housel Shelf puts your favourite décor pieces proudly on display, showcased with a steam bent frame.

To ensure we are producing as little waste as possible, some designs may share the same wooden foundation – the Housel Shelf and Loer Chandelier Small using the same ash hoop, for example. By using this process when designing, we can ensure we can keep everything to a high quality standard, whilst minimising waste.

Everlasting Oak

Oak is renowned for its exceptional strength and durability, making it a popular choice for crafting lighting and furniture that can withstand the trials of time. This wood exudes a sense of reliability and sturdiness, which is why it can be found at the heart of some of our most iconic designs.

The oak tree's innate ability to regenerate itself adds another layer of sustainability. Acorns, the seeds of oak trees, possess the remarkable ability to germinate and establish new trees when provided with the right conditions. This self-regenerating characteristic is not only environmentally significant but also plays a vital role in restoring forests. We embrace this ethos of sustainability by ensuring that the oak we use is sourced from responsibly managed forests, supporting the preservation of these magnificent trees and their ecosystems.

morvah in the workshop
Oak is the perfect natural material that will effortlessly suit any space. 

The distinctive grain patterns of oak give our creations a unique character. It’s warm hues radiate a comforting feeling, inviting a touch of nature into your living space. Whether it's the steam bent, solid oak legs of the Arbor Armchair or your chosen timber for the Skipper Pendant, oak's natural beauty elevates our designs, making them not just useful homeware pieces, but also wooden works of art that harmonise with your home.

Image alt text goes here
The Kanna Drum Pendant allows the natural wooden grain to take centre stage. 

Warming Walnut

Walnut, with its deep, chocolatey tones and luxurious finish, is the embodiment of understated elegance. This wood exudes richness and sophistication, making it a natural choice for exquisite lighting designs. Temperate hardwoods like walnut, steam bend well and also happen to be some of the most sustainable and local timers available to us so it makes perfect sense to source them from our trusted suppliers and responsibly managed forests. 

Image 1 alt text goes here
The dynamic form of the No. 1 Pendant creates a natural centrepiece in your space. 
Image 2 alt text goes here
Adding structure and warmth, the Leven Drum Pendant enhances your space with a touch of art deco inspiration. 

The versatility of walnut allows us to create pieces that are both contemporary and timeless. Whether it's the intricate steam-bent forms of the No. 1 Pendant or the smooth, sculptural curves of the Leven Drum Pendant, walnut adds an element of luxury to your surroundings. Its rich colour and fine grain patterns make it a statement wood that complements a variety of interior styles.

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