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Divide and Conquer

5 June 2023

How to ‘zone’ your home.

There’s a secret to creating ‘rooms’ or ‘zones’ within an open plan living space without having to build walls...

Sharing an open plan living space can be hard – especially after a year of using our homes for a wide variety of activities such as work and school. Adding walls within an interior isn’t an option for everyone, with the work being expensive, not feasible or simply not something you want to commit to. Luckily, there are options to change the layout of a room that provide extra privacy, maximize storage, and create a welcome change of scenery without making structural changes to your home. Read on to get our top tips…

Divide it

The first, and crucial, step when tackling an open plan home is creating a plan. Think, and even sketch out, where you want each zone to be and the desired style of each area (just because it’s one room, doesn’t limit your space to one décor style). Once you have measured each section, and have your layout in mind, the furnishing fun begins!

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Play with a mixture of natural textures and tones to warm up your open plan space and create an inviting personality.

Create division in your interior through your free-flowing space by giving each zone a different personality. If your living area contains warm, rich wooden tones with calming light and alluring atmosphere, create contrast with a bold kitchen with light toned features and statement appliances or fixtures. This distinction of tones will cleverly help differentiate areas of your interior.

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Create depth in your chosen zone with the dynamic shadows of the Artus Small - Stem Floor Light.

A low commitment, adaptable way to divide your space can be through a decorative folding screen. Introduce a screen that injects pattern into a room and can easily be moved around the home or taken out completely to allow a fully open plan interior when the mood strikes. A three folding design means that it can easily be stored to take up minimal room when not in use.

Create Zones

Once you have divided your interior and decided on a layout that works for your lifestyle, it’s time to think about purpose. If you are seeking a designated study or workspace, create a compact area that you can clear away at the end of the day - with many of us still working from home, this will help with the work/life balance.

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Think minimalist and functional when designing your kitchen, this will allow you to create unique character in your living space without the open plan interior becoming overwhelming.
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Colour is inherently linked to our moods and emotions. Choose distinct feature colours for each zone, emphasising the different areas and creating a custom atmosphere suited to each space.

Large open-plan living rooms can lack charm, so adding personal objects will make the space feel homely and welcoming. Layer soft final touches, such as rugs, cushions, and blankets to help your home come together and settle into its desired décor style.

Use Furniture Wisely

The Beeble Pouffe can be picked up and moved around room-to-room. Whether you are seeking a rest for weary feet or an extra seat, the Beeble offers a solution.

The placement of larger items, such as furniture, can make a huge difference when it comes to creating separate zones in your open plan area. The kind of seating you choose should reflect the intention of how you want your space to be used. Opt for cosy armchairs for your relaxing nook, where you settle down with a good book, and wide sofas for watching TV or simply lounging around with your loved ones.

The Merryn Floor Standing Planter creates an organic divide, with natural shapes, allowing your room to flow beautifully.

Help make distinct zones by using the back of chairs and sofas, this will clearly ‘cordon off’ sections and create intimate environments in a larger space.

Side tables and shelving are a sleek way to style your open space. A cluster of storage is not only extremely useful but can help create focal points in your area – with tables making an easy, open air, option for sectioning.

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With an art deco influence, the Leven Drum Pendant is a gentle way to add structure to your free-flowing room. The Leven Drum Pendant adds vertical layers to your space whilst casting a warm path of light.

Add lighting

Don’t just think about the floor space when separating your room, consider your ceiling and wall space too. Be thoughtful with how you’re going to light each zone, with consideration on drawing eyes down, through your welcoming home rather that above though the open-air space. Opt for light fittings that illuminate through gentle spotlights, as these designs will create pools of warm light in your interior, making it feel separated from the rest of the wider room.

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When illuminated a mesmerising display of light and shadow dance across your wall, whilst in the day the enthralling sequential pattern of the Arame Wall Light will adorn your wall beautifully.

As an alternative to using wall art to decorate, consider unique wall lighting designs – which can be appreciated in both day and night. Beautifully crafted designs can visually divide your space, whilst being functional.

Invite Greenery

Hanging suspended at different heights, or propped on a workspace, adding indoor planters to a range of surfaces helps to create the impression of a divide. Introducing greenery will form a crisp, fresh environment, establishing a visual connection through your home whilst allowing plants of different heights to create barriers. A tall, leafy tree adds a lively boundary, perfectly suited next to your sofa.

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Create a statement. Curate your own wall of life with a group of Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planters to separate zones throughout your space – adding a breath of fresh air.
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A cleverly placed Crib Stool can hold your favourite houseplant whilst creating a gentle barrier in your room.

Posted: 05.06.23
Updated: 02.04.24

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