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Create a self care sanctuary

19 February 2021

The spa might be off limits for now, but there are some simple ways to create your very own self-care sanctuary at home.
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Here at Tom Raffield we love to bring nature inside to create calm, quality living spaces and there’s really no easier place to do this than the bathroom. Whether you’re a regular spa go-er or it’s a treat to visit once a year, we can all agree it feels wonderful to take time out in a luxurious, quiet environment to be restored and renewed. After all, there is nothing better than sinking into a hot, fragrant bath during the cooler months.

Bathing has a long history and there are countless scientific benefits to submerging our bodies in water - it calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety and even increases levels of serotonin, creating a deep sense of wellbeing that can even improve your chances of a good night’s sleep.

We’ve outlined our 5 top tips for creating your own sanctuary at home - a totally serene and harmonious space in which to bathe, unwind and reconnect with yourself...

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Customise our Housel Shelf with Mirror with a tan, brown or black leather hanging strap complete with a brass screw cover to complement your space.


Begin by clearing any mess and tidy your surfaces for a more minimal feel with fewer distractions. Clever storage is the key.

A contemporary and versatile addition to any space, the fluid forms of our beautiful and sustainable ash wood shelving designs will create a unique focal point in any room as well as the practical space needed to display your favourite bathroom essentials.

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A solid wooden shelf nestles within a flowing, continuous circle in our Housel Shelf design. Beautifully simple.
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The Lundy Shelf showcases our skilled craftsmanship and unique steam bending technique. 
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Our striking Merryn Floor Standing Planter comes in two sizes and is the ideal way to surround your bath with palms and tropical leaves to gaze up through.


In addition to adding tactile textures of wood and stone, leafy plants and greenery are an easy way to bring the life and energy of the outdoors in.

If you don’t have a brilliant track record for keeping houseplants alive, do not fear - the bathroom is an excellent place to start as lots of plants thrive in this humid environment. Look for ferns, begonias and aloe vera to add pops of verdant green.


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Sixteen elliptical blades of twisting steam bent oak stand shoulder to shoulder in striking spherical conduct to support a nestled, handmade earthenware bowl. 
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Our Mawnan Planter can be placed on a table or shelf, or hung by its braided rope. A slim length of sustainably sourced steam bent ash wood gently arches above a hand glazed earthenware bowl to become an eye-catching handle.
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An elegant steam bent curve draws together to create our distinctive, teardrop-shaped Lusow Mirror.
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Meaning ‘ash’ in Cornish, the Lusow Mirror is true to its roots and offers a simple aesthetic to suit a variety of spaces.

Considered placement of a mirror (like our steam bent Lusow Mirror) will add a light and airy feeling to the space overall and reflect sculptural leaf forms to give the illusion of a lush, abundant rainforest with relatively few plants.

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32 taut curves of timber fused together with laser cut birch plates carefully conceal the Urchin Pendant's light bulb. 
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Sustainable ash, oak or walnut sees light escape through the seams, creating pools of brightness in the dark.


Or maybe turn them off altogether. Low lighting helps us get into a relaxed state of mind (so of course all Tom Raffield lights are designed to be dimmable* and calm-inducing).

Our spherical Urchin Lighting Range was inspired by the shapes of shells deep underwater. Handcrafted using sustainable ash, oak or walnut wood, the slatted wooden timbers allows light to escape through the seams, creating pools of brightness in the dark. The undulating, steam bent curves of our pendant lights create mesmerising shadows and call to mind ocean tidelines, wave forms and the Atlantic shores from which our design ideas were originally born.

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Trusted while surprising. The Crib Stool's steam bent twist of sustainably sourced wood brings our signature aesthetic to the fore.


Hang up your favourite towel and position a side table within easy reach of your bath. Our handy Crib Stool is the perfect height and size to hold a book, candle and a cup of aromatic herbal tea - just like you’d get in your favourite spa!

When it comes to choosing bath salts or essential oils, aromatherapists say that we’re naturally drawn to the scents we need most, so let your nose decide in the moment whether it’ll be a few drops of warming ginger and juniper, energising lemon or relaxing lavender. Add the oils as you run your bath and enjoy the steamy, clarifying air as it fills the room. Carefully arrange any products you want to use - an exfoliating scrub or nurturing face mask can be a lovely thing to include as part of your bathing ritual.

Sound is also very powerful for relaxation, so why not tune into some slow radio or pure wildlife noises for a fully immersive experience.

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Soften your space. Create clusters. Draw the eye.


Soaking in the tub is a great opportunity to take a break from screens and delve into a good book, or perhaps that magazine you haven’t quite got round to reading.

You could also practice some deep breathing to help you feel more centred. Inhale deeply through your nose, retain for a count of five seconds, then slowly release the breath by exhaling through your nose. Or simply lie back and enjoy the sound and feel of the water, flicker of the candle flame, the pretty play of light, shadows, reflections, and feeling connected and part of nature.

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Posted: 19.02.21
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