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Conscious Christmas Gift Guide 2020

12 November 2020

This Christmas choose sustainable gifts that have a lasting impact. From portable indoor planters inspired by biophilic design to compact table light designs that illuminate desks, bedside tables and small interior spaces, our Christmas gift guide highlights the perfect selection of feel good, earth friendly presents for loved ones.

Tom Raffield Arbor Armchair

This festive season, a curated collection of steam bent, artisan homewares, designed to suit smaller living places, take centre stage in our growing range. Featuring some of our most recognisable and best-selling pieces to date, this year's Christmas gift edit promotes responsible buying and highlights the importance of considered, eco-friendly design. 

If you're looking for gifts to please even the hardest-to-buy-for people in your life (that don't cost the earth) read on to discover our top picks...

Tom Raffield Trio Christmas Gifts Archer Table Light, Tilner Mirror and Mawnan Planter

Under £100

With new designs under £100, our thoughtful selection of gifts prove that you can gift beautiful designs and be conscious of your impact on the Earth this Christmas.


Inspired by the swooping bend of a flexing bow, the arching wooden base of the Tilner features a nestled round mirror guaranteed to create the illusion of space in any setting. Showcasing confident, bold curves of sustainably sourced oak, the Tilner Mirror is a portable, versatile piece designed for smaller spaces.


A slim length of sustainably sourced steam bent ash wood gently arches above a hand-glazed earthenware bowl to become a tactile, eye-catching handle. Multi-functional and portable by design, the Mawnan Planter can be situated in a table-top position or hung by its braided rope to display trailing indoor houseplants. The perfect gift for any green-fingered urban gardener.

Archer Table Light 

Inspired by industrial simplicity, our Archer Table Light is handcrafted from steam bent oak wood and is accented by a brass light fitting and filament light bulb that nestles into its architectural base. A minimal interiors lover's dream...

Maen Pot

The tactile, earthenware ceramic bowl featuring two looping, tan leather handles can be utilised in a wide array of interiors from living spaces to kitchens and bathrooms. Complete with a smooth, waterproof internal glaze this useful accessory can be used as a plant pot for growing herbs or houseplants, starting window side seedlings or as a storage pot for everyday essentials.

Tom Raffield New Green Range additions

Top of the table

Our diverse range of steam bent table lights are bound to bring a smile to loved ones faces this Christmas. The perfect companion for any bedside table, sideboard or working-from-home set up.

Artus Table Light

A fine birch dowel cage contains its blown-glass bulb within. Daring yet delicate, the Artus Table Light diffracts a mesmerising pattern of shadows, dramatising any space. Particularly effective situated in a bedroom or living room space where the interplay of shadow and light create a calming, relaxed mood, perfect for brightening dark winter evenings.

Urchin Table Light

Inspired by sand combed shells, our Urchin Table Light would make a thoughtful gift for someone who loves the Cornish coastline. Featuring 32 individual oak or walnut wooden petals that tautly curve to conceal the reflective bulb within, the Urchin allows sections of light to escape through its seams to create pools of brightness in the dark.

Hanter Table Light 

A taut arc of steam bent timber clings to a solitary filament bulb. Refreshing in its simplicity, surprising in its design, our Hanter Table Light always turns heads and would be the perfect working-from-home desk companion.


Practical gifts

Our innovative accessories collection features original storage solutions and clever, versatile designs suited to the practical gift lover in your life.

Beeble Pouffe

Furling steam bent oak arms around a temptingly curved macaroon-like form, the Beeble Pouffe offers a resting place for weary feet. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood and featuring a leather handle detail, the Beeble comes upholstered in the highest quality, contract grade wool, complementary to our upholstered furniture collection.

Tor Twist Shelf

The multipurpose Tor Twist Shelf is carefully sculpted from tonal ash wood, gently twisting in the centre and elevating itself above three brushed brass tipped wooden pegs.

Maen Pot Trio

Three striking Maen Pots stand proud on a sustainably sourced oak wood plinth provides stability and function. Each removeable, earthenware pot features two ergonomically placed leather handles and is finished with brass detailed screws for a modern aesthetic.


Shaped from supple ash wood, the fluid curves of the circular Housel Shelf challenge everyday linear storage solutions. A solid wooden shelf nestles within a flowing steam bent hoop, creating a practical space to display your favourite pieces. The perfect gift for loved ones who appreciate an organised interior.


Two dynamic hoops of steam bent oak join together in a marriage of form and function. The Log Loop celebrates our signature curved aesthetic and honours our favourite natural material.

Tom Raffield Verso Pendant

Bestselling lighting

A Christmas gift that truly keeps on giving. Our instantly recognisable designs promise to light up faces, spaces and the darker winter months to follow. Explore our conversation sparking, bestsellers.


Our bestselling pendant lightshade in a compact, smaller size. Choose from ash, oak or walnut wood to suit your loved-ones preference. Casting light up and out from its intricate wooden silhouette, the Skipper Pendant Small produces bright light and bold, contrasting shadows.


Igniting creativity within your space, the Verso Pendant looks different from every angle and exhibits its varying form to add playful personality to a wide range of interiors. .


Precise yet untamed. Imposing yet weightless. The No.1 Pendant lampshade was the first light we ever created, and making it remains impossible for all but a few of our team to accomplish. A special present for the admirer of the bold and beautiful.

Skipper wall light

Our Skipper Wall Light is created from sixteen individual, sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut wood petals and designed to produce golden light and eye-catching shadow effects in equal measure.

Drift Pendant

Casting shadows that seamlessly float and settle in buoyant tranquillity, the Drift Pendant creates a light show that disperses softly; rippling, cresting and breaking around the room, then pooling in tidal calm.


Our Small Urchin Pendant brings atmosphere and cheer in abundance. Our smallest Urchin Pendant makes for a practical, eye catching present and can easily be styled in a variety of interior spaces - from the bathroom, to bedroom.

Tom Raffield Skipper Pendant

Explore our Christmas shop

Give the gift of nature this year with the help of our Christmas shopping edit! Whether you want to create a warm cosy ambiance with our unique lighting collection, a contemporary Scandi Christmas theme or treat your friends and family with sustainable, handcrafted homeware, we have you covered.
Tom Raffield Arbor Armchair, Leven Table Light and Crib Stool.

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