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Celebrate a Sustainable Scandi Christmas

16 December 2021

Get Your Yule On!
Tom Raffield Christmas Interior

A rustic, Nordic Christmas is about celebrating the forms of nature and creating a warm, welcoming retreat for you and your loved ones. Take inspiration from Scandinavian traditions this year, and discover alternative ways to spread the festive joy…

Create A Hygge Home

Natural materials and artisan accents can instantly carry you into a hygge state of mind. Add foliage such as foraged branches and leaves to your home as a means of sustainably decorating the home for the festive season ahead. For cosy layers to keep warm on chilly December evenings, reach for a sheepskin rug that can be draped and laid where warmth is needed (over an Arbor Armchair is a particular favourite with our team!) 

Nod to Scandinavian interiors by playing with tonal variation and introducing a range of designs crafted in light wooden tones from pared back materials. Ensure every piece of homeware you introduce respects nature (i.e. is made sustainably and responsibly) as well as showcasing Nordic beauty.

Choosing the right light plays a vital role in setting the tone for your Christmas festivities, so opt for warm pools of layered illumination, adding table and wall lights where needed, for increased task lighting and brightness.

Tom Raffield Archer Table Light
The Archer Table Light. - An arch of sustainably sourced oak proudly displays an exposed bulb to ensure ample task lighting throughout your space. 
Tom Raffield Leven Table Light
The minimal, geometric design of the Leven Table Light will stand out amongst the natural texture in your home.

Scandinavian Festivities

In Scandinavian countries, most of the Christmas fun starts on Julaften (Christmas Eve) as vikings believed that a new day began when the sun went down on the previous day. There are plenty of traditions you can bring to your home this year, to bring all your loved ones together and gather even more excitement for the festive period.

Tom Raffield Grand Designs house
Alight your kitchen with warm, task lighting that will illuminate your family's faces of joy as you prepare for festivities together.

Create a natural wreath. Take your family on a nature walk and collect windfallen pine cones, twigs, interestingly shaped branches and spend some time painting and arranging them with your family to embrace nature-inspired decorations in your home. Alternatively, you can use your found foliage to craft a natural wreath.

Tom Raffield Wreath
We tried our hand at crafting our own Tom Raffield natural wreath with materials surrounding the studio...

Build a gingerbread house. A tasty tradition! Whether you gather your family round to all bake and build one gingerbread house or each make your own for a bit of friendly competition, this fun craft is bound to delight your loved ones and keep the whole family busy. This tradition is best kept for Christmas Eve, as it is not eaten straight away…

Hang a Christmas Stocking. Filled with sweets, oranges, and Christmas themed magazines or books, this Christmas stocking is put together to keep children entertained whilst the adults cook dinner.


Our Morvah Hanging Planter is the perfect space to create a unique festive planter with your discovered natural materials.

Celebrate Slow Living

Whilst in the UK we don’t have an actual name for it, the period between Christmas and New Year is traditionally referred to as ‘Romjulen’ in Norway. This time is perfect for relaxing at home with your loved ones, eating plenty of nourishing leftover food and appreciating any special gifts you have received.

Tom Raffield festive interior
Create a thoughtfully curated, festively decorated space that will be home to treasured memories for years to follow.

Traditionally, in early January to mark the end of Christmas, families gather around their gingerbread house to smash it up and eat it. A sweet way to mark the end of Yuletide celebrations and look forward to the year ahead. Merry Christmas, or as said in Swedish, God Jul!

Posted: 16.12.21

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