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Grand designs

In 2016, our founder Tom and his wife Danielle embarked upon an ambitious redevelopment of their home next to our Nanskerris workshop. Captured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, Tom and Danielle poured their creativity, dedication and resourcefulness into the project, transforming their original Grade II-listed gamekeeper’s lodge into a masterpiece of steam bent design. Using materials from their immediate woodland surroundings, their own ingenuity and the talents of their team of makers, Tom and Danielle created a unique home, in-keeping with its environment and a true showcase of the power and beauty of wood.

 Following the air of our Grand Designs episode, Tom and Danielle’s home became instantly recognisable, while the publicity helped the brand reach out to a new audience of people interested in design and the techniques pioneered by Tom Raffield. Three years on, the house still generates much interest and is has a special place in the heart of the company.

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