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We make decisions based on what’s best for people and the planet.

We aim for sustainability, longevity and quality in every aspect of our business. Over the years, we’ve stuck to what we know and love and have set about carving out our own place within the design community. Our designs have always been inspired by nature, and we strive to ensure that our process does not have a negative impact on the source of our inspiration: the world around us.

“I truly believe that sustainability should be synonymous with good design, much like quality and function are, and that this is the answer to over-consumption and the environmental challenges we face. It’s fantastic to see consumer expectations changing to recognise this too and I hope sustainable design principles will become more widely adopted by leading designers as time goes on”.

- Tom Raffield, Founder.


In our workshop and beyond, we’re working closely with colleges and universities in Cornwall to nurture talent and keep it local. Investing in apprenticeships and internships, we’re building a new generation of skilled designers and craftspeople who share our ethos and are committed to doing things well.


Our process is designed to protect and prevent damage to our natural environment. To do this, we source all of our timber from sustainable forests and ensure that nothing goes to waste. Our steamers are naturally low energy and leftover wood is reused for other designs. For example, the hoop of our Kern Pendant is also used in our Harlyn mirror, which helps reduce waste.


In our workshop, we use dry construction processes with screws and staples, keeping glue use to a minimum. All our packaging is plastic free, and our team all have metal flasks to ensure than no single use plastic or disposable coffee cups are used in the workshop.

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