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Get Hooked on Sustainable Storage

26 August 2022

Delve into the world of versatile hook storage…
tom raffield meru hook trio

One size does not fit all when it comes to introducing additional storage to a home. That’s why here at Tom Raffield we handcraft a wide array of hook storage solutions to suit a myriad of interiors and styles. Whether you’re decorating a compact hallway or decluttering a bustling kitchen space, our clever wall pegs and hooks add functionality with ease. Read on to discover handy tips and styling inspiration for our handcrafted collection…

tom raffield new laris wall hook
Warmly welcomed in any space, the Laris Wall Hook is a glimpse into what versatile design can offer.

Laris Wall Hook

Children’s Bedrooms. Place your Laris Wall Hook in arm's reach of your little one, allowing them to hang their favourite toy on the hook, or thread their cosy blanket through the leather loop. This helpful addition to your child’s bedroom will mean their beloved belongings will always be easy to retrieve – hopefully saving time and tears!

tom raffield new laris wall hook
The compact design transforms every inch of your wall into a space of convenience, whether used as a single design or in multiples.
tom raffield new laris wall hook
A strong sustainably sourced ash wood base hosts a loop of robust leather, secured by a brushed brass tipped wooden peg.

Bathrooms. Hang a face cloth by the sink or your fluffiest towel by the bathtub. Little changes to your bathroom interior can make the biggest impact when you are seeking a relaxing, self-care experience. The Laris’ efficient, space-saving design allows even the smallest of bathrooms to be transformed into an organised oasis.

Kitchens. The Laris Wall Hook will always be appreciated in kitchen spaces where additional storage is always useful. Keep cooking utensils accessible, tea towels tidy and your herbs handy.

tom raffield meru trio rail
Get the look: Meru Trio Peg Rail, Mawnan Planter, Artus Table Light.

Meru Trio Peg Rail

Hallways. Perfect for hallways and entranceways where space is often at a premium, the Meru offers a chic home for multiple garments. The slim design won’t protrude into your path (making your space seem larger) and Meru’s hook and leather loop combination will still create plenty of storage opportunity.

tom raffield new meru trio peg rail
Functional and welcoming, the Meru Trio Peg Rail showcases the power of balanced design.

Bedrooms. Wave farewell to those dreaded tangled necklaces. Hung by your bedside or dressing table, the Meru Trio Peg Rail helps an effortless morning routine become a reality by holding your daily essentials – meaning you get those extra few minutes to snooze…

tom raffield coat loop
Steam bent from sustainably sourced oak, the Coat Loop creates an forgettable impact in any home.

Coat loop

Bathrooms. Create an at home spa experience with the Coat Loop. Holding comfy robes and soft towels, our striking steam bent Coat Loop transforms your bathroom into a space of solace through its sculptural shape and handy storage solution.

tom raffield coat hook
From thick winter coats, to light, breezy layers the Coat Loop welcomes you home all year round.

Hallways. Make a striking entrance by displaying the Coat Loop in your entrance way. The artistic form makes a statement whether left bare, or when draped with your outerwear. Leaving no jacket, scarf or umbrella behind, the Coat Loop is perfect for large entranceways and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on guests. Available in a left or right orientation to fit the requirements of your space.

tom raffield tor twist shelf

Tor Twist shelf

Bedrooms. Hang tomorrow’s outfit on one of the three wooden hooks, whilst the shelf portion of the Tor can home beautiful décor pieces. The unique design makes it well suited to minimalist bedrooms that value both form and function.

tom raffield tor twist shelf
Open storage adds a homely touch to your interior by displaying your well loved belongings.
tom raffield tor twist shelf
Working together in unison, a duo of Tor Twist Shelves creates an artistic storage display.

Kitchens. The final flourish for your coffee corner or grab and go access for your daily kitchen essentials, the Tor Twist Shelf’s unique design makes it the perfect storage addition. Great for showcasing a beautiful mug collection!

Dining rooms. Dining rooms are often multifunctional rooms. Whether your dining space doubles as a home office, or your dining table is prime for board games with loved ones, being able to declutter instantly is a must. The Tor Twist Shelf makes a handy home for place mats, coasters and utensils as your day evolves.

Burgh coat hook

Hallways and entrance ways. As you would expect, the Burgh Coat Hook sits seamlessly in hallways as it offers six handy pegs to hang your wears. This one-stop design can hold everything you need for an adventure with loved ones or shopping trip essentials. Make sure to never forget your reusable shopping bags by hanging them directly by your front door!

Image alt text goes here
Balanced with a clever, central, steam bent twist, the Burgh Coat Hook marries clever design with beautiful form.

Kitchens. For budding bakers and expert home cooks alike, the Burgh Coat Hook is the perfect storage for your favourite apron. Adding easy access to your tea towels for any spills, the Burgh Coat Hook minimizes stress by putting your linens proudly on display.

Posted: 26.08.22

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