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The right indoor planter for your space...

20 August 2020

Discover the best planter for your home to maximise space and get the best out of your favourite houseplants.


We all want our homes to be lush sanctuaries full of thriving, oxygen purifying, healthy plants… but before embarking upon transforming your space with indoor plants it’s important to consider a few things. How much space do you have? What are the light levels like? Do you have hanging space, room on shelving for pots or, a big floor space that could do with jazzing up?

Read our guide to discover the best form of planter for your room, to maximise space and get the most out of your favourite houseplants.

From left: Mawnan Planter, Morvah Small Ceiling Hanging Planter, Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter.

Hanging Planters

Best for: rooms that are short on space – if you don’t have room on windowsills, shelves or mantelpieces, there’s always room for a hanging plant!

Styling tip: hanging planters look great suspended from kitchen ceilings where they can be planted with trailing, edible herbs. Hanging planters also look great with a mezzanine style home layout as can really draw the eye when planted with colourful houseplants.

Which Planter?: Our Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter and Morvah Small Ceiling Hanging Planter make for practical, functional additions to the home. They can be suspended from any ceiling space, making them incredibly versatile and useful planters. We love the Morvah planted with String of Pearls, Rhipsalis and even Spanish Moss in a bathroom setting.

Summon nature inside and transform space with the Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter.
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Trailing plants such as the String of Hearts succulent look great displayed in hanging planters where their trailing foliage can grow freely.
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Herbs, such as fresh basil, can be grown in our Small Morvah Planter and used to season a variety of culinary dishes.
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Table tops are a great place to display plants of all sizes. Choose a combination of textures and colours for maximum impact, or style alone for a minimal look.

Table-top planters

Best for: bookcases, shelves, windowsills, side boards or coffee tables that could do with a pop of greenery.

Styling tip: A coffee table or low-level shelving unit can become centre of attention with a striking plant or a collection of different succulents. Plants look great grouped in odd numbers, but if you’re into a minimal look, a singular statement plant can achieve a structured, organised effect.

Which Planter?: Our Mawnan Planter is a multi-functional, portable design that can either be suspended from its braided cord rope or carried by its slim, steam bent ash wood handle and situated in a table top position. The Mawnan looks great planted with succulents, spider plants or trailing ivy depending on its location. Most plants prefer bright, indirect light so avoid placing sensitive plants too close to a window (with the exception of cacti and succulents which make a great choice for windowsills!)

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Trailing ivy looks eye-catching situated on our Tor Twist Shelf displayed in a Mawnan Planter.
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Leafy succulents are perfect plants for first-time gardeners as they are low maintenance, easy to propagate and suited to most spaces. They are best placed on a windowsill, or in a sunny corner where they can catch the most of the sun's rays.
floor planter
The pinch of a potter’s hand, the sculpting skill in a steam bender's twist. Where traditional craftsmanship and innovative design fuse, The Green Range breathes new life.

Floor standing planters

Best for: larger rooms, open plan living spaces, hard to fill well-lit corners or adding height and depth to your space.

Styling tip: floor standing planters, and in turn, the plants you decide to fill them with, should be given enough space to showcase their unique, sculptural appearance. Space here is key – you wouldn’t want to place a large planter and a Swiss Cheese plant in a tiny bathroom space where it will never reach its potential and become stifled.

Which Planter?: Our Merryn Floor Standing Planters come in two sizes – short and tall. Unique and eye-catching, the Merryn is an elliptical floor planter that is guaranteed to bring any space to life. The Merryn looks great planted with cacti, small trees (such as olive or bay) that tolerate indoor conditions, or large palms to add drama and greenery to a minimal room.

Our Merryn Floor Standing Planter Tall makes a feature planted with a parlour palm in this rustic bathroom setting.
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Catci may seem like exotic house plants, but they make great sculptural features and are very easy to maintain.
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From left: Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planters, Merryn Floor Standing Planter Short, Merryn Floor Standing Planter Tall.
Wall Hanging Planters are suited to wide, light rooms that may have lower ceilings and limited storage space.

Wall Hanging Planters

Best for: low-ceiling spaces with little storage or plant-displaying options. Kitchens, bathroom, bedrooms that lack a touch of greenery.

Styling tip: its best to install a wall hanging planter in a non-traffic heavy area of the home or, if it is going to be positioned in a hallway, stairwell of porch area, make sure the height is adequate and not in range of anyone's head.

Which Planter?: Our Morvah Wall Hanging Planter and Morvah Small Wall Hanging Planters are steam bent from a single piece of solid oak which loops around and embraces a hand-glazed earthenware bowl. Our Morvah Wall Planters make intuitive places to grow trailing plants, we love them filled with ivy, ferns or even herbs suited to culinary use or cocktail making.

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Our Morvah Wall Hanging Planter is available in two sizes - small and standard.

Discover the green range

Discover our exclusive new range of innovative, steam bent indoor planters that celebrate the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and nature. From Ceiling to Wall and Floor Standing designs that summon nature inside, there's something to suit every space.

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Updated: 16.04.21

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