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Spotlight on: the Keel Pendant

Introducing our brand new Keel Pendant, part of The Comber Range.

Taking inspiration from the natural, spiralling forms that scatter our Atlantic tide lines, the Keel Pendant is a striking display of confident, modern design. As a newcomer to the Tom Raffield Lighting Collection, and part of the sought-after Comber Range, the Keel Pendant is fast establishing itself as one of our iconic pieces. Let's find out more about the design…

A trio of our Keel Pendants bring the graceful shapes of Cornish shores to this elegant bedroom in Tom Raffield's Grand Designs home.


Our Keel Pendant was inspired by the barrel of a breaking wave. As the water folds over itself, a seemingly endless barrel reflects the shape of our Keel Pendant. The smooth curve of the Keel, sanded and finished to perfection, celebrates how our tireless ocean polishes and shapes shells found on local shores. We didn’t design the Keel Pendant; the tide did it for us.

“We took everything we loved about the Cornish sea – its power, its grace and its unparalleled beauty - and poured it into our Keel Pendant Light. The result is something we’re really proud of – a continuous curve of steam bent wood that transports you straight to your favourite coast”

- Tom Raffield, Founder.
The grain on the exterior of our Keel Pendant creates an aesthetic that brings nature to the forefront of the design.
Available in oak or walnut wood, our Keel Pendant can be matched seamlessly with any interior.

Making the keel

Our Keel Pendant finds beauty in its simplicity. However, designing the infinite steam bent curl, made from a single piece of oak or walnut wood, was anything but simple. The barrelled nature of the Keel Pendant made it more challenging than usual to design on CAD (computer-aided design). Instead, the design evolved from bending by hand - several rounds of prototypes were made by our design team before our Keel Pendant was perfected.

At 220 mm in width, the wood we use for our Keel is the widest used for any Tom Raffield product.

To achieve the Keel’s signature curl, a very specific process is carried out. Firstly, a piece of walnut or oak is steamed in an isolated steaming chamber unique to the Keel Pendant. After the required amount of time has passed, the wood is removed from the chamber and wrapped instantly around a wooden former. Then it is clamped in place and left to dry, before two holes are drilled to allow the Chicago screws, which hold it together, to be inserted.

Finally, the laser-cut section that houses the ceiling kit is slotted into place.

When dimmed, our Keel Pendant produces a beautiful cascade of light and becomes a focal point in any room.

styling the keel pendant

Its sleek form and minimalist design make our Keel Pendant one of our most versatile lights. The slender shape of the Keel Pendant means that it looks good in narrow spaces such as hallways, while it is equally suited to a bedroom or living room setting.

Our Keel Pendant also looks great suspended in clusters. Two or more of these lights as part of our Keel Pendant - Trio Cluster creates a dynamic centrepiece that is bound to draw the eye. One way to make the most of the Keel’s minimalist aesthetic is to suspend it above your bedside table. The conical shape of the Keel Pendant casts warm down lighting and allows your bedside table to be free of clutter.

Turn your Keel Pendants into an innovative bedroom lighting solution by suspending them above your bedside tables. 
A different perspective; our new Keel Pendants resemble shapes found on Cornish shores.
This cluster of Keel Pendants at Tom Raffield's Grand Designs home produces an enchanting effect. 
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