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Spotlight on: the Helix Range

Sleek, minimalist design. An infinite stretch of wood. Our Helix Lighting Range is all about atmosphere.

The Helix Lighting Range is inspired by nature and is reminiscent of the curved trunks of oak, ash or walnut trees.

Simple yet striking the Helix Range has long been a favourite amongst our team, let's take a closer look at one of our most understated designs...

Our Helix Floor Light accentuates and highlights, transforming space.

Behind the design

The Helix Lighting Range remains one of our most minimalist yet effective designs. A single, infinite bend of sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut wood wraps around a dimmable LED bulb, putting the natural beauty of wood at the forefront of its design - laid bare for all to see. Coated in an eco-friendly, natural matt varnish for the perfect finish, the Helix Lighting Range is effortlessly stylish. A triumphant marriage of modest design and expert craftsmanship, the Helix Lighting Range was designed with a calming affect in mind.

The Helix Lighting Range attempts to capture your imagination with its simple yet captivating design. Each Helix Drum is a continuous stretch of curved wood, which forces the light downwards to create atmosphere and ambience. We love this design because it puts nature at the forefront, which is what we're all about.

Founder, Tom Raffield.
Our Helix Pendant looks great when hung in pairs, drawing the eye and doubling up on impact.
Our Helix Floor Light generates a soft ambient light when dimmed, as it splashes upwards and downwards.

the range:

the helix pendant

Available in sustainably sourced oak, ash or walnut, our Helix Pendant looks great anywhere in the home. Whether used in a kitchen, living space, bedroom or hallway, our Helix Pendant creates soft ambient light, and looks even better when hung in pairs or clusters.

the helix floor light

A curved, Helix shade rests upon an oak or walnut tripod. A celebration of wood as a natural material, the Helix Floor Light is understated yet dramatic. Perfect for lighting your home in a modern way, the Helix Floor Light can be used in combination with our range of ceiling, wall and table lights to create layers and ambience.

the helix drum pendant large

A larger and wider pendant, our Helix Drum Pendant Large is an ideal statement piece for your home. While maintaining its understated nature, the Helix Drum Pendant Large will draw the eye with its sleek, infinite curve and create the perfect focal point for your space.

Our Helix Drum Pendant Large offers a great focal point for a dining room, providing functional downward lighting and atmosphere in abundance.
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