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Our summer essentials

12 May 2022

5 designs that warmly welcome summer living…

tom raffield semper pendant small

The key to sustainable homeware is welcoming pieces into your home that are going to be continuously used all year round and loved forever! These future heirlooms should help transition your homes from the cold winter months to the bright summer season.

Meet our five favourite, versatile homeware designs that will shine all summer long… (and for decades to come).

Tom Raffield Taffrail


Whilst unassuming at first glance, the Taffrail’s minimalist design is why it offers such versatility. Handy for storing beach towels, blankets and light layers to warm up with after the sun goes down. The Taffrail can be found in a wide array of spaces, from bathrooms, to hallways, offering a striking storage solution for your linens.

Tom Raffiedl taffrail
A beautiful balance of elegant form and natural strength, the Taffrail is a striking design – even when left bare.

Semper Pendant Small

Arguably our most versatile lighting design to date the Semper Pendant Small suits all your lighting needs. The compact drum shape, paired with the pivoting adjustable wooden layers result in an adaptable design that can be used in a variety of interiors to shine light exactly where you need it the most.

tom raffield semper pendant small
Celebrating how the light levels change through each day, the Semper Pendant Small allows you to take control of the illumination in your space.
trio of semper pendant small
The Semper Pendant Small is well suited as a standalone centrepiece, or as a self-curated constellation for greater impact.

Align the layers in drum formation to create a spotlight in your home, guiding eyes to the specific features and creating a focal point. Whilst in the evenings you can tilt the Semper’s tiers to guide the beams of light to the corners of the room that the natural light can’t quite reach.

Tilner Mirror

Portable, compact, and minimal. The Tilner Mirror is ideal for small bathroom spaces and dressing tables. The timeless design of the Tilner compliments any décor style, whilst providing your space with convenient functionality. The Tilner Mirror not only provides great reflection for checking all the sun cream is absorbed before you leave the house, but it can be re-positioned throughout the day as the sun moves, reflecting the light through your space, giving the illusion of a bigger, brighter interior.

tom raffield tilner mirror
Suiting any space, the Tilner Mirror’s thoughtful design is reflected in its versatility.
Image alt text goes here
In the summer, the Mylor Bowl can showcase your thriving greenery as it basks in sunlight.

Mylor Bowl

The Mylor Bowl offers its fair share of uses around the home, from being used as a salad or fruit bowl, a home for a houseplant or simply somewhere to put your keys and sunglasses on the way in – it can do it all. Proudly standing on its solid oak plinth, the Mylor can be angled however your space requires, whilst the two leather handles allow the design to be carried room to room.

Urchin Table Light

Sunshine and the coast, a match made in heaven; this is why our Urchin Table Light looks at home in a sunny interior. Summoning silhouettes found scattered across our surrounding Cornish coastline, the Urchin’s familiar form create a friendly atmosphere whilst projecting a unique display of light and shadow across your space. Whether used to brighten up a gloomy corner or as a way to introduce organic forms to your room, the Urchin Table Light will always invite a second glance.

tom raffield urchin table light
Sustainable oak or walnut wood sees light escape through the seams of the Urchin Table Light, creating pools of brightness in the dark.

Posted: 12.05.22

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