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On the Move: Making A Rented Home Your Own

3 September 2020

You don’t have to own your place, to own your space.

First home, forever home and everything in between. Creating your own sense of ‘home’ is one of the most exciting and satisfying things to do, but it can be a difficult endeavor, especially if you are renting a space. Whether renting a single bedroom in a shared house, or a whole family home, we’ve got you covered when it comes to owning your space.

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Transform your space with one of our versatile table light designs such as the Artus.
Our Lundy Shelf offers simple, clever and innovative storage.

Invest in long-lasting designs

While rentals may inhibit your scope for DIY and decorating, there are other ways to stamp your personality on your property. Quality pieces that reflect your own character allow you to build a sense of place in your new home, whether temporary or long term. Carrying this with you when you move means you can fill your new surroundings with history and memories, not just furniture.

Investing in a piece of furniture or lighting that will stand the test of time will also save you money in the long run as you move from home to home.

Introducing your new favorite piece of furniture: our Arbor Armchair.

Sensible storage

One issue with renting, especially in cities like London, can be a lack of storage space. Our intuitive storage solutions can help you save space stylishly in your new home.

Our Ash Accessories Range offers inventive ways to use your space. The Housel Shelf with Mirror, a continuous bend of supple ash wood, combines storage and function with forward-thinking design. Likewise, our brand new Mawnan Planter helps you be green-fingered within the limits of your own room, whilst adding a splash of life to your new surroundings.

Innovative storage meets art in our flowing new Housel Shelf with Mirror.
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Create an indoor garden from scratch with the help of our Mawnan Planter.

Shade seeker

Light can transform any room. Our handcrafted lighting ranges (complete with dimmer switch for ceiling, wall and chandelier lights) offer a unique way to create a vibrant and versatile space.

Swooping shadows and intricately shaped wooden petals work together to draw the eye and deceive the senses, making even the simplest of rooms spring to life.

Cascading arcs of light tumble from our Skipper Pendant, transforming and enchanting the space around it.

Plug in and go

One of the difficulties with renting is the inability to make changes that risk upsetting your landlord.

Fortunately, our collection of wall lights are available with a handy ‘plug and switch’ option. This avoids the need for hard-wiring into the mains electricity and means that you can take your light with you when you move on to a new property.

"It’s important to feel at home wherever you are, and your possessions are a huge part of that. There are few things more comforting than your favourite armchair!”

- Tom Raffield, Designer.
Our Neap Wall Lights, like all of our Wall Lights, are available with our Plug and Switch fitting, making it easy to transport and install your light.

Posted: 03.09.20
Updated: 15.04.21

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