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New Year Interiors: create a winter sanctuary

10 January 2018

Tips on how to create cosy interiors at home this winter, with the help of the Tom Raffield collection.

Tom Raffield Harlyn Mirror and Taffrail

Keep it natural

The primal instinct of surviving cold and wet winters is to take refuge inside our homes, preferably by a roaring fire. However, wintertime doesn’t have to be all about inside living. Invite the outside in by using rustic materials in the home to add instant texture and variety whilst nodding to Scandinavian design principles.

Natural materials such as wood, leather and wool work particularly well, especially when combined with cosy textures such as cable knit and sheepskin rugs. Include designs such as our Skipper Floor Light, Log Loop and Taffrail to incorporate organic style and functionality in one easy sweep.

Taffrail photo credits: via Instagram @amybrettrhodes
Taffrail photo credits: via Instagram @amybrettrhodes

Divide and conquer

Any open plan interior can benefit from being dividing up in wintertime, creating a range of cosy areas for you to retreat to at any given moment.

Concealing yet revealing, our Tom Raffield Gwelsen Screen offers tantalising glimpses of the other side of your room whilst elegantly dividing a space. A sure conversation starter the Gwelsen stands tall in natural symmetry, its opposed curves simultaneously catching the light and your attention.

Tom Raffield Gwelsen Screen and Arbor Armchair
Gwelsen Screen and Arbor Armchair in Grey

All about the neutral

Keep the colour scheme simple and neutral - and we don’t just mean the walls. Whilst the ‘millennial pink’ pink trend of 2017 added playful pops of pastel colour to interiors, 2018 promises to bring back a classic, muted tone palette.

Furnishings with muted fabrics will add fresh depth to a room but also create a sense of openness, space and calm. We love covering our Arbor Armchair and Beeble Pouffe with fabric from Abraham Moon & Sons. Melton range as a way of adding subtle colour to any room. Our favourites include: Silver, Damson, Gorse, Pear and Fern. Earthy tones will also connote nature living and thriving in our homes - which always gets a thumbs up from us.

Tom Raffield Helix Floor Light
Helix Floor Light in Oak

Make soft lighting a feature

Illuminate your space with atmospheric light whilst still packing a punch. Everyone knows that good ‘mood lighting’ helps add ambience to a living space, but did you know it can also improve your mood and make you feel relaxed too?

Our favourite pieces for adding mesmerising shadow and light in equal measure include: the Artus Table Light, Cape Pendant, Cage Floor Light and the Butterfly Pendant.

Tom Raffield Arbor Dining Chair, Butterfly pendant above Treave table
Butterfly Pendant in Oak, Treave Dining Table and Arbor Dining Chair in Grey

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