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Spotlight on: Flock Lighting Range

17 July 2020

How big? Which wood type? What setting? If you've got a question about our statement Flock Chandeliers we've got you covered. Find out all you need to know below in our handy Q&A.

Show-stopping, statement, signature. Our Flock Chandelier has quickly become one of our most recognisable and iconic lighting designs - that's why we've decided to expand the collection and handcraft not one, but three sizes, of our nature-inspired chandelier. If you've got a question about our contemporary chandelier keep scrolling...

Curlicues of ash, oak and walnut wood make up the lights belonging to our Flock Chandelier Collection.

How many sizes of the Flock Chandelier are there?

Our skilled workshop team now handcraft the Flock Chandelier in three sizes: small, standard and large. The main difference between the sizes is the number of steam bent ash, oak and walnut pieces, the ceiling plate size and, the drop length of the light.

We also have the Noctis Flock Chandelier, part of the Noctis Lighting Range, which is the same size as the standard Flock Chandelier but features brass and black ebonised tulip wood curlicues to give it a dark, luxe aesthetic. 

Which ceiling plate is included with the Flock Chandelier?

The standard and small sized Flock Chandelier feature a circular ceiling plate made from sustainably sourced solid oak wood. Due to it's large-scale size and weight, the Flock Chandelier Large has a circular ceiling plate made from engineered, sustainably sourced oak board which is laminated for strength and stability. 

Ceiling plate diameters:

Small: 500 mm.

Standard: 750 mm.

Large: 1200 mm.

Why opt for a suspended ceiling mount?

Our suspended ceiling mount option allows the Flock Chandelier to be installed in properties and settings with an apex ceiling/roof. Where our flush mount needs to installed to a ceiling at a horizontal surface angle, the suspended Flock Chandelier is purposed to suit angled or sloping ceilings.

suspended flock
Our Flock Chandelier is suspended from the ceiling using tension wire to suit apex ceilings.
A structurally reinforced oak ceiling plate flush mounts to the ceiling to hold our Flock Chandelier Large.

I have limited space, is it possible to have a different shape ceiling plate?

We offer three different sizes of ceiling plates that should fit a wide variety of interior spaces. Due to the intricate nature of designing and assembling the chandeliers so they are aesthetically dense and symmetrical, we do not offer a bespoke ceiling plate option. 

If you have a specific question regarding the ceiling plates please email us - and we'll be happy to advise. 

Which wood type are the Flock Chandelier pieces made from?

Each curlicue is handcrafted by our workshop team from steam bent ash, oak and walnut wood. Each sized Flock has a different number of curlicues (the standard features ninety-seven) and the numbers of each wood type are split evenly so a third of each wood is used. The Noctis Flock Chandelier has curlicues made from ebonised oak, ebonised tulip wood and reflective solid brass.

small ambient
Our Flock Chandelier Small fills a room with ambient light and dancing shadow when dimmed.

What is the standard drop for the Flock Chandelier? Can I make this longer?

If you're looking to fill a certain interior space, or have a specific ceiling height, you may can choose the most appropriate Flock Chandelier by referencing the drop lengths available. 

Small: between 700 and 1300 mm.

Standard: between 1500 and 2500 mm. 

Large: between 2500 and 4000 mm.

The drop length is measured by calculating the length from the bottom of the ceiling plate to the tip of the lowest curlicue. When placing an order online, simply choose the sized chandelier that suits your space and provide us with the specific drop length in the 'Customer notes' section of the shopping basket. Your bespoke piece will then be made to this custom height. If you have any questions regarding this or any other feature, please email for assistance. 

Example: Flock Chandelier Small - drop length 1200 mm. 

Each individual steam bent component is handcrafted by our skilled workshop team and suspended from a solid oak ceiling plate to create show-stopping impact.

"The Flock Chandelier is one of our most unique designs. Delicate and seemingly weightless, I love the impact it brings and its ability to turn heads and start a conversation."

Tom Raffield, Founder

How many bulbs are included?

Our small and standard chandeliers (as well as the Noctis Flock Chandelier) all come with three filament bulbs. Due to the increased scale and number of flock components of the Flock Chandelier Large, this size comes supplied with seven filament bulbs.

The combination of brass base, unique tinted glass and elongated sapphire filaments enveloped by a traditional blown glass form, make the Tala Squirrel bulb the perfect series in our chandeliers.

Is the Flock Chandelier compatible with digital dimmer bulbs?

Yes, as long as the bulbs are E27. You would have to purchase the digital compatible bulbs separately as these are not included as standard. The three bulbs that we do include are dimmable when used with a trailing edge dimmer switch, but not digital.

noctis flock
Bold, ebonised design and our sought-after wooden aesthetic, merged. With confidence in its definitive silhouettes, our Noctis Flock Chandelier showcases a new focus and brings daring, darker depths to interiors.

How is the Flock Chandelier installed?

The Flock Chandelier is delivered to you fully assembled. You will need an electrician to install the piece for you as the ceiling plate requires wiring into mains electricity. We provide in-depth instructions on how to install the Flock Chandelier which is sent to you, or can be viewed online here.

Where can I see the Flock Chandelier?

The Scarlet Hotel in Newquay, Cornwall have two magnificent Noctis Chandeliers installed in their restaurant. We also have a standard size Flock installed in our own showroom *opening TBC due to Covid19*.

We are currently working on getting our Flock Chandelier in more public spaces so keep an eye out over the coming months. In the meantime, please contact our customer service team for a free sample pack, which includes samples of all of our lighting wood types and a full pack of additional imagery.

Flock Chandelier: a weightless rotation, an exhibition of eye-catching, elegant beauty.
Featherlight curlicues dance in the air. Evoking a murmuration of starlings sweeping across the sky, our Flock Chandelier Large cast shapes and shadows at every turn.

How will the chandelier be packaged and shipped?

Our Flock Chandeliers are packaged and delivered with utmost care.The chandelier comes fully assembled, the ceiling plate just needs to be fixed to the ceiling upon arrival.

We are proud that our packaging is plastic free and recyclable, and always has been. Our workshop team even curate a wooden cross structure that the chandelier sits on inside its box to ensure its safety in transit.

I live in the US, can I order the Flock Chandelier?

Regrettably, we do not currently make the flock lighting range with compatible E26 wiring. This is something we are looking into and hope to offer our US customers soon. 

The Flock Lighting Collection

Discover a range of contemporary, nature-inspired chandeliers from Tom Raffield. Designed to suit a range of spaces and property styles, our statement wooden chandeliers are steam bent by hand and come in a variety of sizes and wood types to create a spectacle in any room.


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