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Giant Flock Chandelier: Our definitive guide

How big? Which wood type? What setting? If you've got a question about our Tom Raffield Giant Flock Chandelier we've got you covered. Find out all you need to know below in our handy Q&A.

Our Giant Flock Chandelier casts enthralling shadow patterns on walls and ceilings.

A show-stopping, statement piece, our Giant Flock Chandelier has quickly become one of our most iconic designs. A masterpiece of bold, elegant design that always makes a lasting impression. 

If you've got a question about our signature chandelier keep scrolling...

Our Giant Flock Chandelier at Chelsea Flower Show, with our Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planters.

Which ceiling plate is included with the Flock Chandelier?

The ceiling plate is made using FSC rated oak wood with a standard diameter of 700mm. 

Which wood type are the Flock Chandelier pieces made from?

Each curlicue is handcrafted by our workshop team from steam bent ash, oak and walnut wood, but you do have the option to specify which wood type(s) you require by emailing our sales team for a bespoke quote.

For instance, you could request a chandelier made purely from ash wood or a combination of oak and walnut. There are 98 individual components in a standard sized chandelier – a third of each are equally split between the three wood types.

Our Giant Flock Chandelier made an appearance on our steam bent stand at Chelsea Flower Show in 2018.

What is the standard drop for the Flock Chandelier? Can I make this longer?

The standard drop (from the bottom of the ceiling plate to the tip of the lowest curlicue) is 1950mm. You can request a chandelier of a different drop length however; this would classify as a ‘custom’ piece.

Our custom Flock Chandelier, which can be ordered online, can be specified between 1500-2500mm. If you are looking for a larger chandelier please get in touch, we love working on bespoke commissions, but a chandelier of this scale will require additional work by our design team.

"The Giant Flock Chandelier is one of our most unique designs. Delicate and seemingly weightless, I love the impact it brings and its ability to turn heads and start a conversation."

Tom Raffield, Founder
The bespoke Giant Flock Chandelier from Tom Raffield's Grand Designs house provides an eye-catching statement piece above the staircase.

What is the shortest drop you would recommend? I'd like a chandelier over my dining table?

The shortest drop length we would recommend is 1400mm. A Flock Chandelier shorter than this would appear aesthetically dense and the number of curlicues would need to be reduced as a result.

A Chandelier of this kind would again fall into our custom category.

I have limited space, is it possible to have a different shape ceiling plate?

Yes! Our team of makers have created several Giant Flock Chandeliers with different sized and shaped ceiling plates.

Some of the most common have been square, long and rectangular and even a cut out, suspended CNC ceiling plate. It’s always a good idea to send us a specification prior to making a bespoke order– we love experimenting with new ideas but would need to ensure the design idea is possible prior to taking on the commission.

How many bulbs are included?

We include three filament Squirrel bulbs with every order. We can create a chandelier with more than three bulbs but this kind of design would again fall into our ‘bespoke’ category.

Our Giant Flock Chandelier hangs from a customisable ceiling plate. Contact our sales team for more information on bespoke pieces.
Each wooden curlicue is steam bent by hand for a unique aesthetic.

I have an apex ceiling, would this work with the Flock Chandelier?

The Giant Flock Chandelier is a great choice for an apex roof. Prior to making the chandelier we would just need to know the angle at which the ceiling plate would sit and the required drop length. This amendment is included in the custom pricing. Our team handcraft each piece individually so making a chandelier to suit an angled ceiling is not a problem.

Is the Flock Chandelier compatible with digital dimmer bulbs?

Yes, as long as the bulbs are E27. You would have to purchase the digital compatible bulbs separately as these are not included as standard. The three bulbs that we do include are dimmable when used with a trailing edge dimmer switch, but not digital.

How is the Flock Chandelier installed?

The Flock Chandelier is delivered to you fully assembled. You will need an electrician to install the piece for you as the ceiling plate requires wiring into mains electricity. We provide in-depth instructions on how to install the Flock Chandelier which is sent to you, or can be viewed online here.

The Giant Flock Chandelier is handmade from a combination of ash, oak and walnut curls, each suspended from a solid timber ceiling plate.

Where can I see the Flock Chandelier?

Morgan Showroom in London currently have two of our Noctis Giant Flock Chandeliers on show. Furthermore, the Scarlet Hotel in Newquay, Cornwall also have two bespoke Noctis Chandeliers.

We are currently working on getting our Giant Flock Chandelier in more public spaces so keep an eye out over the coming months. In the meantime, please contact our customer service team for a free sample pack, which includes samples of all of our lighting wood types and a full pack of additional imagery.

How will the Flock Pendant be packaged and shipped?

Our Giant Flock Chandeliers are packaged and delivered with utmost care. Each steam bent curlicue is individually wrapped and the chandelier comes fully assembled, the ceiling plate just needs to be fixed to the ceiling upon arrival.

We are proud that our packaging is plastic free and recyclable, and always has been. Our workshop team even curate a wooden cross structure that the chandelier sits on inside its box to ensure its safety in transit.

I live in the US, can I order the Flock Chandelier?

Yes – but we would have to arrange for the Giant Flock Chandelier to be made with E26 wiring. This would be a bespoke charge. Regrettably, we do not currently stock any E26 light bulbs, so these would have to be sourced by the customer.

Our Giant Flock Chandeliers, with an ebonised twist.
A pair of bespoke Noctis Giant Flock Chandeliers hang at the Scarlet Hotel in Newquay.
Our Giant Flock Chandelier on display at the Coexistence showroom in London last year.
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