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2 Week Lead Time Reminder

4 December 2019

Handcrafted just for you. If you have your eye on one of our two week lead time products you'll need to order before midnight on Friday 6th December for pre-Christmas delivery.
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The Arame Pendant Small. Elemental, geometric, sequential. A surge of optical energy; a silhouette of sustainable craftsmanship. Switched on or off, boundless shadows unfurl, pirouette and tumble in kaleidoscopic tessellation creating an extraordinary spectacle in your space.
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Cape Wall Light. Handcrafted timber peaks and barrels. In its folds, light gathers and shadows are cast, creating focus and atmosphere. Sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut loop in layers to compliment, emphasise or elevate the space it claims.

Weaving together form and function, the Twill Coat Stand threads steam bent lengths of oak creating an intuitive place for hanging coats, towels or accessories.
A brushstroke of steam bent timber, finishing with a flourish. Redefining a classic, our Coat Loop design gives even the most functional of furnishings flare.
Mullion Floor LightSwitch on. Sit back. Let the Mullion make light work of transforming your space.
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No.1 PendantPrecise yet untamed. Imposing yet weightless. The No.1 Pendant was the first light we ever created, and making it remains impossible for all but a few of our team to accomplish.
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Cage Pendant. A riot of energy by day, a shower of shadows by night. On or off, the Cage's interplay of textures, movement and light invites a closer look. Corkscrewing behind a delicate yet rigid birch surround, it epitomises the spirit of nature — commanding and wild in perfect measure.
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Handcrafted in sustainably sourced solid oak, the Mooring Floor Light with Red Flex's steam bent curve arches from its oak base, while its prominent flex tethers it home. A naked bulb haloes out light, bright and striking in the dark. 
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An eye-catching red flex traces a proud line, base to tip. From its signature curve to its filament bulb, the Mooring Lighting Range captures the barefaced beauty of tidal landscapes.

Undulating loops of timber navigate over and around. Where pared back design meets our signature curves, the Skipper Floor Light leads the charge.

Posted: 04.12.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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